For cricket purists the Kaboom 20/20 series might not hold much interest, being short, splat and domestic (not to mention the really kak name!). Last night though, Big Friendly and I were glued to the box for the most exciting Kaboom semi finals ever; both at more or less the same time! The Warriors and the Eagles played in PE and the Cobras (my team) and the Dolphins (Big Friendly’s) played in Durbs. And it was totally, nailbitingly hectic, with both games ending in a tie and both having to go into a bowl out, where three batsmen per side and a bowler from the other have to play just one deciding over. Although my team did win eventually, it almost didn’t matter, the circumstances were amazing and I can just imagine the cricket stats guys going nuts working out the odds of two semis going to a tie. It was extraordinary. Kaboom!

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