I love the idea of a board that you draw on. It holds all the possibilities before they are even made or thought through, or given words to. I remember those fabulous, cheapandnasty presents we used to get as kids, where you drew with a plastic pen on the top surface of a little screen and it made black marks on the bottom. Then, when you were done you wiped it clean to start again. I loved those. I would draw and draw until the top layer was permanently stuck to the bottom.

I love the idea of  going back to the drawing board. I think that there is nothing as powerful as a really fresh idea. Also, somehow, when you go back to the drawing board, you go with other people. It’s what turns the solo act of drawing into a group activity. Around that drawing board is team work, co-creation, a bit of compromise (naturally), discussion, communication, and often, inspiration.

My little Mac a Tiny is a bit of a drawing board. I have been scribbling on it and wiping it clean. It’s the big people version of those cheapandnasty kids’ toys. It’s a highly portable ideas possibility machine. And, slowly, I feel myself…going back to the drawing board!