I am beyond myself with excitement. Tomorrow Big Friendly and I are flying to KZN for a week’s holiday, in Umhlanga and Durbs. We are joining my brother and sister-in-law and we’ll spend a weekend with BF’s brother, wife and our cutie niece!

In preparation for our holiday (for which all the weather forecasts predict a week of rain) Big Friendly and I did a beach run yesterday at Muizenberg. It was totally delicious. There was hardly a square of sand available, and the it felt like every kind of Capetonian was there; a total mix of colours, shapes, sizes, languages and ages. Learner surfers, body boarders, toddlers, teenagers, young screaming teenage girls, big fat moms, gangsters, wanna-be gangsters, foreigners, serious long boarders, life-savers.

I walked into the water for a huge, long swim. It was amazing. After being in the water for what felt like half an hour I came out and we lay on our towels, shooting the breeze. We packed up and left just as the actual breeze arrived. It was a totally delicious beach outing.

Big Friendly is calling me Redneck this morning. That’s because my decolletage is quite pink. He on the other hand could be referred to as a Redback. Both of our pale skins held onto the sun for dear life. And I know how bad it is for you blahblah blah, but we feel fantastic. And just about ready for our proper, little holiday! Yee ha!