Each country has one, like a Miss Universe (the irony) contestant. Not a real thing, a word used to describe, threaten, strike fear into hearts and pockets. A concept separated from action, meaning, and even things. I am not an economist but I do know that The Economy is not a thing without consumers. If people can’t work they don’t have money and they can’t buy things and they will be hungry.

So, economists who talk about how much money people can save during lockdown, who the fuck are you talking about? I know about 5 people who are working from home, with real jobs that pay salaries. Everybody else I know, regardless of where they live in the country, are out of work and have no idea when they will earn money again.

People are literally without food, without the ability to buy food, and can’t get any. People are sick and can’t get medicine.

Right now I want a shift in the conversation. I want us to talk about saving people, not the economy. Let’s save people. The economy, whatever it is, will be saved accordingly.