I’ve got it! I was never really sure what my involvement with the WC was going to be and, poof, just like that I’m in it. Almost up to the neck, but very, very exciting. Looks like I am going to be involved with the Fan Park on the Grand Parade, for the duration. And I am pretty delighted, I can tell you. From what it sounds like and what the ideas are, the Cape Town Fan Park is going to be a really cool place for locals, and other people, to world cupify. There is going to be live local entertainment with emerging talent (organised by PANSA), SA’s hottest and favourite bands, artists, djs, and emcees, huge screens to watch the games, and all sorts of eating, drinking, chilling and jolling to be had, without actually having to go to any of the games. This is really good for me, since I am not a huge lover of football, but I can understand having a good time getting patriotic.

The fact that Cape Town can have the Fan Park on the Grand Parade feels really significant. It is a very special place, geographically, historically and culturally. But for me, it’s the view. I have stood on the Parade, looking at the mountain, with an orange, pink and purple winter sunset and a full tablecloth seeming to make its way behind the brown City Hall. Ok, I might have been buffeted by the South Easter, and splattered by a few drops of winter rain; but still. It is spectacular. And it is the most stunning backdrop for a 33 day party.