I just haven’t been able to blog regularly lately. My head is too full; of The Tent (rehearsals are going well), TheatreSports (we are busy performing, preparing our birthday week, organising a Saturday morning improvisation open class) and other stuff, both various and sundry.

I am also very tired this morning. Shots rang out in our quiet little Woodstock street at 1.30 last night and I couldn’t get back to sleep. Now, I am a gun hater and I really believe that all guns should be banned. I think it should be illegal to make, sell and carry guns. Finish and klaar. I run cold at the sound of gunshots and I fear the damage they cause.

But I have to confess, that after I discovered that the gun was fired by my neighbour, at a bunch of gangsters who had been caught stealing his car and had jumped into another getaway car, I was secretly relieved that somebody in our ‘hood was brave, and decisive and…had a gun. I am shocked that this is how I feel. I know that a gun in the most responsible hand can cause untold damage, and that mistakes happen and innocent people get hurt and killed. But secretly, I felt safer and here is why. As I lay awake, nervous and panicky and confused, I did not ever hear the sound of sirens nor the approach of the police. They just didn’t come. Ever.