The difference between a buzzword and a thing?

State Capture.

In the new days this means the Guptas, who, let’s face it, are bad at keeping their secrets.

Maybe it’s because they bought a TV station and newspapers to announce their stuff, all day, every day.

Not like the old days where people were really quiet, or silenced or killed, or locked up without trial,

And the newspapers were enemies and whole sentences, paragraphs, columns and pages were blacked out in blocks.

We had bigger, badder, more state capture then, it’s just that so far, none of those guys has said so.

None of them has said so.

The problem with a buzzword instead of a thing

Is that White Monopoly Capital can clear its name, by being a threatening sounding, anti white political campaign

When what it really is, is State Capture gone into business

Big Business. Secret business. Clearly not Black Business, but sometimes even slightly a little bit black, just to make sure that nobody tells, spills, pours out, Gupta style.

And we are all captured.