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Our 4th Improv Fest

ImprovFestI cannot believe that we ImproGuisers are about to perform our 4th Improv Fest, from 14-19 March, at The Galloway Theatre.

Inspired by an amazing improv travel experience to Oz in 2012, Candice D’Arcy (now living in Oz with Melbourne improviser Mark Gambino), Tandi Buchan (artistic director of ImproGuise), and I came back with inspiration, motivation and a lot of madness, and slapped together an improv festival that offered the best improv in short and long formats.

We were amazed at the amazement of our audiences. We listened to what they loved the most. We were inspired by their suggestions. And we did the festival three times in a row, for the last three years.

This year the biggest difference is the venue. Our last three week long festivals were in Kalk Bay, but now we will be performing at ImproGuise’s home base, The Galloway Theatre. This makes it much more accessible for most of our fans, (although there will be a few long faces because we are not on the other side).

Every single night of the week will present a different improv form; some tried and tested, and our audience favourites as well as one entirely new, very dangerous one, Naked Improv, where absolutely nothing is known beforehand.

I am not gonna lie. We have been performing improv in Cape Town for 23 years now, and the biggest challenge is getting, and keeping, an audience. It is tough, and we have to do a tightrope balance of reinventing ourselves and doing what our audiences love. If you have seen us before (or if you embarrassingly never have) please come and get a sample of this smorgasbord of improv delights.

Tickets are ridiculously cheap. R80, and R70 for students or for block bookings. They are available here on TIXSA and you can find out more if you call our own booking line 0729393351. Every night is different. Choose your best from the line-up in the poster, or take a risk.



Improv magic when I need it most

last night I was Stuck in the Middle. My name was pulled from a hat and I was the improviser chosen to be on stage the whole show while everyone else threw me into scenes, madly, randomly and with great gusto. This was one of our shows at our successful and fantastic improv fest, now in its third year and set to stay on the calender for a few more.

There is nothing quite like the rush of being on stage for a full hour and having unexpectedness thrown at you left, right and centre. Everyone thought I was amazing, but it wasn’t true. The team made it so. They did all the hard-core, creative work and I just responded. That’s what’s so amazing about improv.

Anyway, I needed last night. I have been a bit low on pure fun, and joy and love of being on stage and in a theatre. Last night was truly restorative. I went to bed smiling and I’ve woken up like that too.

I should tell you to make an effort to come down to the Kalk Bay Theatre tonight, for Superscene, but we are sold out! But, I am playing again on Monday night, our regular weekly show at The Galloway. So come on over for a bit of joy.

Improv = Happy

Last night was Improguise’s first show of the year and I played. (We play a TheatreSports type format of short form improv every Monday night at The Galloway Theatre at 8pm, call 0729393351 to book). To tell you the truth I was in need of a positive kick. I was feeling a bit glum and very out of sorts (personal stuff). Yes we were rusty, and yes we made silly mistakes, and yes we all found ourselves in various stages of undoneness, but on the whole, and taking everything into account it was pretty fantastic, and I loved being back on the improv stage after a long gap of about two months. It really is the most happy space for me. I love playing, I love the ideas, the laughing, the creativity. I love the audience (last night’s was particularly lovely, even though they liked my team less. I hold onto these things you see.) My team members are like family. We slide into the best kind of support of each other on stage and then give harsh, practical notes after the show. We make each other look and feel good.

We had a guest from out of town yesterday. Bart, a Belgian improvisor did a crash course musical improv workshop with us before the show, and he even played with us as a second musical improviser during the show. It’s always so inspiring to have a bit of an outside shake-up, and this was a goodie. We are all fired up now and ready to launch into our long form musicals, which is just as well, since it is one of our formats for our improv fest, a week long festival of improv at the Kalk Bay Theatre in March.

So, we are back, and I am happy. Come check us out. Every Monday. Galloway Theatre. 0729393351 to book.

Improving Everything

It is the crack of dawn on Sunday 26 January. I am almost out of bed, to walk dogs and then to prepare lunch for friends-like-family. But after all that I am going to see Bruce Springsteen this evening. I am going alone. It is first concert of this tour, and it is here in Cape Town, and even though I have tickets for Tuesday night with all my friends I am still going tonight. Big Friendly bought me this most expensive ticket. That isn’t all. Next Saturday I fly to Jozi in the morning and go with my Jozi friends and family to the FNB stadium to see him a third time. Because he is the one. He is my guy. And I am making it happen because I love him.

In between Bruce Springsteen concerts we are starting our 2nd ever improv fest. I think this is huge, and awesome. On Wednesday we kick off with one of my favourite genres, Western, and I am so excited to get all dark and dangerous. Thursday nights (in our 2 week fest) are Crime nights, where a made up crime will be dissected and discovered, made up in front of the audience. Friday nights see the return of Family Musical, and Saturday is dedicated to Superscene, both extremely popular with our audiences last year.

The bonus cherry on the top special amazing end to this coming week is that I will be seeing my magnificent new love, my then two week old niece, Leeya. Oh the joy.

Post long-form Improvisation delight disorder

How can I possibly explain to you what it was like to enter a completely private and calm scene between a rancher widow Frances and the pastor, take out a gun and shoot the pastor dead without saying anything? How can I describe to you the hysterical shakes I got as I came off stage and the ‘reality’ of what I had done started sinking in? How can I explain the fear, arriving on the ranch and discovering that the rancher widow owned it and she has witnessed my murder?

This is what happened to me, before I got fatally shot by the justice obsessed school teacher, last night, on stage in front of a live audience. And we made the whole thing up. It was radical. Of course there were too many loose ends, and certain things happened that were a little undone, and things got a little over-exposed plot wise, but who cares?

The journey of themed long-form improv has been an extraordinary one, for me, for the group and of course, for our audiences. I can say with total clarity that this is acting and feeling and responding in its most thrilling and rewarding form. It feels like you are hyper-alive, connected electrically with the creative universe. And it is totally addictive. I don’t know how I am ever going to be able to do anything else and love it as much.

Luckily I have three shows left this week. I am going to have to wean myself back into the real world slowly. Really, I am totally confident about recommending that you come and watch this unbelievable magic. Check out Improguise for details for the rest of the week.

Rocking Improv Fest

Last week’s improv fest got off to one hellova start for all of us, and for me in particular. We ‘opened’ our long form improv fest with a magnificent Western directed by Candice D’Arcy, and it was dark, bloody, moody and magical. I played the brothel Madam Cas, and I loved every second of being the power hungry, hard-as-nails, bitch of the town, right up until I was shot and died in front of the audience. Hectic.

Then, on Thursday night it was Tandi Buchan’s turn to direct Thursday at Thornton Hall, our full length improvised period drama. This time I was a slightly crazed, old, animal loving aunt to an eligible young bachelor, and I can say with confidence that it was the most fun I have had on stage in a very, very long time, even though there were only about 10 terribly lucky audience members there.

This week I am on stage every night, and directing the Austen on Thursday and the Family Musical on Friday. Plus I am performing the Saturday Superscene; viscious, competitive, highly entertaining improv. How could you resist? Come check us out. Here is a pic of us pre-Thornton Hall.

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