Don’t get me wrong; I am still watching, I have chosen a favourite team (ish) and I love the game. But it really isn’t the same as last year, is it?

First up, we had a proper Cape Town winter weekend. Which is to be expected, since it is actually the middle of April. Then, we had a Newlands special. The lights got broke. Then there was a dog on the field. For eleven minutes. I kid you not.

My biggest issue though was the crowd. Now, I was in Oudshoorn when the tickets for the IPL went on sale, and Big Friendly told me that they sold out in an hour and a half. So I was expecting to see that. I mean, the magnificence of seeing a game in India is the size of the crowd and its passion! But no, at Newlands the cameramen had to cheat and angle their crowd shots to avoid the vast empty seats. Who were those tickets sold to? It’s only 15000 or so seats. Surely we could have managed a better crowd? I don’t get it.