I very rarely see anyone else’s work other than my own more than once, but I really wanted to take my brother to see James Cairns’ The Sitting Man, and so Big Friendly and I took him last night. I was so happy that the Kalk Bay Theatre was almost full. It was great to see folk at the theatre on a Saturday night.

Seeing The Sitting Man again, ten days after the first time, was a treat. James was obviously much more relaxed than he had been on opening night. I picked up a few things he had added, and one or two that he had left out. I was also sitting in a different place, which gives a whole different sense. The show was as engaging, as rewarding and, in places, more funny and moving this time. My brother was transfixed. He sees a lot of theatre and is very perceptive and insightful. He also lives and loves in Jozi, so those Jhb characters were deeply resonant and accurate for him. He was propelled to his feet at the end, and spoke about how brilliant James was all the way home.

There is a week of The Sitting Man left and then James’s new show Dirt opens. I can’t wait.