All I needed to round off my first week of being back home was to go to The Kalk Bay Theatre, my other home, to see Sunday Morning last night. And I did. And it was great.

I haven’t eaten at the theatre for ages and last night I got stuck into some really delicious gnocci while hanging out with Simon and Helen and friends.

Then, James Cunningham performing Sunday Morning, written by Nick Warren and directed by Jenine Collocott. This is a show that made it’s way here directly after the Grahamstown fest, and I love catching up with the stuff that got the thumbs up from my friends and connections. And it was a great performance that got me back into the Cape Town theatre scene.

Sunday Morning is a small story with huge repercussions. It takes place during a “head clearing” run, while the guy, an everyday Jozi photographer, comes to terms with the news that his girlfriend is pregnant.

We’ve heard the story before, but never with quite this delicate treatment from a performer. James is pretty magnificent. His character is subtle, dof, ordinary and completely irritating and lovable. He manages to find the perfect balance. A sit-com laugh moment is just that, a moment, balanced out with a serious, realistic tone, and very genuine responses, even the heightened physical ones, which are brilliantly done. I was engrossed, charmed and touched.

One of the best things about Sunday Morning is how completely accessible it is. It’s instantly relatable to. It is the kind of one man play that will make people (who are normally risk averse when it comes to theeayter) love theatre. Accessible, warm, funny and delicious.

Oh, of course there were parts of the script that I didn’t like or buy into (hey, I need to salvage my reputation here and can’t be seen as a total pushover), but, who cares? I thought the reveal of the gorgeous boxes at the end was a little late, and they were underused in the actual piece (I really am looking for stuff, aren’t I?), but that’s just nitpicking.

Sunday Morning is on tonight and next week. It would be so unfortunate if you missed it.