We got together today to carry on with the creation of our end of year Christmas show. There is no doubt about it happening since Simon from The Kalk Bay Theatre announced it to the opening night audience of I, Claudia on Wednesday night!

So we met this morning. What delight. What silly, delicious, hilarious, spontaneous joy. During the week, while I was away from the cast, I had moments of panic and doubt. What were we actually going to do? How were we going to turn this whimsical fantasy into a flesh and bones production, with a story, characters, plot, songs, action, a set? What were we thinking?

Before you could say brainstorm the crazy ideas were flowing. The jokes, the moments, the songs, the possibilities, the characters; we threw them into the pot and started mixing. We laughed our heads off. We tossed things backwards and forwards, and after three hours we left with a really not half-bad structure.

I’m not going to give any clues away other than saying that it is totally ‘season appropriate’, and we are calling it Good Will Acting. I am going to say that I think it is going to be high larious (thanks Claudia), and heartwarming, and fun. Watch this space. And then come and watch it.