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Sandi and the Proteas didn’t. Survive, that is. But unlike the Proteas, who really didn’t ever look like they were in the game against a blazing India today, poor ole Sandi didn’t see it coming! And I felt quite sorry for her actually, unlike the unscratchable itch of irritation I felt for the South African cricket camp. Come on cricket strategists! It doesn’t take brain surgery to work out that a. we need to have some proper spinners in the team when SA play in the sub continent, and b. the Proteas need to know how to play against the Indian spin bowlers. Not rocket science. I am disappointed. Now, it’s time to thank Herschel and send him on his way, and JP Duminy needs to go back to the drawing board. I hate it when the Proteas go two nil down in a three game series.

Know what I think? I think the Proteas could learn some spin from the Survivor contestants. Shoo whee, how was tonight’s episode? What a lot of twisting and turning, back spinning, back pedalling, double talking, back stabbing blind siding and tension making stuff. That Timbila team scared me tonight! And Sandi Schultz was the sacrificial somebody. I think she just tried to keep too low a profile, and she got blitzed. Yo, and that Ashleigh Hayden plays a tough game. She certainly didn’t need those lovely reward pillows; I think she needed to stay awake all night every night to plot and scheme. And then there was poor Louw! His macho sensibilities got hurt man, and it was quite cute, and terribly transparent to see all that stuff at play. At least it’s out there, on the surface. Not like that Ashleigh! A snake in the grass, I tell ya, a real spin bowler.

I was quite freaked out when my favourite, Gys, had to go over to snake-in-the-grass team, so I’m relieved that next week will see the merger. Then it’s every survivor for themselves! Could start to get really interesting. Hmmm. Seems like I’m hooked again! Which is just as well, since I can’t watch the cricket anymore!

Proteas are the bomb!


In this house we are properly celebrating. Big Friendly is on Cricinfo pretty much all the time now, checking stats and sharing cricket news with me, and I am gloating that on news24 the top story is the cricket and below it is the disbanding of the scorpions.

I must confess, and remember, that before they left for Oz , I had my reservations about the Proteas and how they would manage playing the world champs at home. Which is why their absolute success has delighted me no end. I am proud and happy and excited. I can’t wait for the Oz team to get here. I want to try and get to some of the test here at Sahara Park, Newlands, one of my favourihte places in the world, and Big Friendly and I have spoken about celebrating my birthday at the ODI.

I am enraptured with JP Duminy. Johan Botha filled some massive shoes really superbly when he took over the captaincy of the one day side (in fact, Big Friendly and I have discussed his brilliance at giving newcomers a go, with total support and trust) and Hashim (screamed Hasheeeeeeeem) is our guy. Oh and Albie Morkel. And AB de Villiers.  Ok, the whole team. Oh we are just so completely stoked ek se!

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