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Going to Gaga

Everyone still wants to know why I went to Lady Gaga last night. And I had a few good reasons; I wanted to go to the stadium for a big concert, I could go with some friends who had actual seats (in the old days I would go to concerts with my own crate to stand on so I could see), and I imagined a Lady Gaga concert to have amazing spectacle.

I loved the efficiency of the park and ride from the Civic. I loved how easy the stadium was to access. I loved the amazing smell of the sea as we walked through the gates and I loved the great sky view once inside. I loved that I was a 47 year old off to a concert with my friend and her 12 year old daughter, who was going to her first big concert ever. I was a little pissed that you weren’t allowed to bring in one single thing of your own to eat and as a non wheat eating non meat eating person there was literally nothing to eat at all, except for a packet of Simba chips for R25, but that shall be the subject of an open letter to stadium management.

Lady Gaga made a spectacular and grand entrance at 9pm (after a seriously forgettable performance by The Darkness; a UK one hit wonder band that posed not one drop of creative threat to the Gaga gaggle) and then, for the first couple of songs at least, we were exposed to the crazy, complicated, and amazing combination of brilliant set, costume, dancing, singing, lights, weird hologram, and giant four storey castle that was completely mind blowing. Yes, I was having a great time, and I even knew (and liked) some of the songs! This was the Lady Gaga I had expected; edgy, provocative, cheapandtrashysexy, foul mouthed and rude, energetic and bizarre. It was fun! Her dancers were outrageous and amazing, the set twisted and turned, her costumes were crazy and radical and it was all going as planned.

Then it turned. Then she did a weird “I love you Cape Town” speech. It was long. And shmaltzy. And completely manipulative. It felt like she thought we weren’t loving her enough. And it went on and on. I was uncomfortable and I wasn’t the only one. And then she did it again. Then she took ages choosing fans to come up on stage with her, and they were godawful. They smooshed around her while she sang the song about being born beautiful and I started gagging at Gaga. It was endless. She was like a little, broken winged, American, Oprah-Barbie with trite bullshit about how we could all make it and become stars. Eeew. And then she did that again! In her encore. By which stage a third of the crowd had left the stadium. I bet they were as creeped out as I was.

We were all efficiently moved from the stadium back to the Civic in a bit of a dwaal. What had just happened to the psycho who told us she wanted us all at work with crazy hangovers in the morning to turn her into the slightly simpering fag hag who needed to share her childhood dreams with 45 000 of us? Weird out.

Rose Red; a wicked treat

Going to the opening of Rose Red at The Kalk Bay Theatre with my delicious theatre friend who is visiting was the best fun. It was a shmooze fest before and after, and we loved, loved, loved it (and I did have more than one glass of red myself. Just saying.)

And I loved this strange and wonderful story with songs. Rose Red is a monologue, written and performed by Dianne Simpson, accompanied by live pianist and MD Dawid Boverhoff, and directed by Pieter Bosch Botha. It is the story of Snow White, told from the perspective of the evil step-mom, the queen.

Pieter has transformed the stage at KBT into a dark and gloomy little cottage, exposing the gorgeous stone wall at the back and filling the floor with dry leaves, teeny stools for the dwarves and other bits of furniture that looks dusty and untouched. This sets the scene for the ghost of the evil queen to come and speak to us, mirror and all. It’s a layered, modern and complicated tale.

Dianne Simpson is amazing. She comes on in wicked fairytale clothes and make-up and tight and crooked upper lip. She looks like wired-up wickedness. Then through story and song (weird, well known songs, turned on their heads to fit her style and mood, including Tori Amos, Lady Gaga and Annie Lennox) and simple, beautiful piano music we start to understand the complicated dynamics, the feminist yearnings and the misunderstood actions of this traditional villain.

I have always thought that Snow White was a bit of a wimp. I was quite comfortable going with this complicated woman’s version. Her crazy upbringing, her rags-to-riches, her insecurities and need to be seen and loved. I was caught up from beginning to end. It was so refreshing seeing performers I don’t know (everyone is from Jozi, but Pieter is going to be making Cape Town his new home) being directed by some fresh new director whose work I have never seen. New ideas, new theatrical solutions, new excitements. I love theatre. And this is a great example. I swayed to my feet for a rousing ovation at the end.

Check. It.

The Week that Was

It’s Friday morning and I’m about to go and walk the old ladies, Bayla and Gally, try and get to the damngym (I have been making a bit of an effort this year) before rehearsals, then rehearse, then perform a TheatreSports gig at a pre-barmitzvah thing in somebody’s lounge tonight. And it looks like the weekend will be full of work stuff too. And Big Friendly and I are going for a romantic 2020 game at Newlands on Saturday night!

But I thought I would take a couple of lines to reflect on the week that was.

TheatreSports had good one, with that fab show on Tuesday night, and a really successful corporate performance yesterday. We performed for a company that I had first performed for 16 years ago. They were our first corporate client! Love it.

Rehearsals for my industrial theatre project are going really well. I have been working for the same client for five years now, creating plays, based on the same characters, that go on a country wide roadshow, and I love it. I love my team of actors, I enjoy the process which we have honed into something easy and painless, and it’s the one sure gig I have that pays the rent! it is also the one kind of theatre that I know reaches its target audience, who love it.

I am irritated with our Prez and the country in general. Come on guys, this guy was voted in with a completely public track record of sexual expediency and polygamy! It’s not new  news. I’m just irritated that because he is the most important public servant, we taxpayers have to pay for this all. I am irritated that a red carpet was laid for the opening of parliament. I am irritated by the predictability and insincerity of our politicians, and the fact that their promises are totally empty and meaningless; a series of random placatory and warning words strung together and haltingly read out.

I am depressed that I seem to be enjoying pop music again, at my age. I catch myself with Lady Gaga as my earworm of the day. I am dancing to hip hop at my hip hop classes at the damngym!

I am delighted, and this should have been higher on the list, by the Proteas, who mafferated the Indians, on their home turf, by more than a total innings! I can’t wait for the next test to begin on Sunday.

Lots to reflect on, but it’s getting late and the dogs are milling about!

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