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A moment of home

To be honest, I have been a little cynical of the SA community in Australia; I have carried a suspicion that I wouldn’t like what they thought about home, and too many white ex-seffefrikens are cliquey and ‘old fashioned’ and have switched privilege for privilege in a quite unconscious way. These ideas have made me quite nervous. Added to that has been my projected response to the SA Jewish community in Oz, particularly in Sydney. So, first thing was me catching up with an old school friend who I haven’t seen for 30 years, and it was like swooping back in time to brilliantness. It was so lovely and easy and miraculous.

Then, my cousin, whose family is recently in Sydney (a year and a half), took us to see what the men (dad and two sons) in the family were doing. I was so touched. They had gone to Our Big Kitchen, a Jewish organisation that makes meals for the homeless. Tonight, in celebration of Madiba’s birthday, a huge group of mainly ex-South Africans came together to cook 700 meals in 67 minutes, to feed homeless and needy. It was magnificent. I had to keep myself from crying about a hundred times.

Right now I am feeling horribly disillusioned about home. It’s been a bit of a struggle coming to terms with these new feelings about me and SA, so it was really weird having this touching reference to home in the most positive and pro-active way.

Let Madiba Rest

Dear World

Please leave Madiba alone. Yes, everybody loves him. Yes, everybody is terrified of losing him. Yes, the idea of Mandela, one of the world’s greatest heroes, not being around is unthinkable, but it’s not fair, or kind or respectful anymore.

To those friends and family clamouring to get a last look at him, please think about whether you are doing it for him or for you. For the politicians and members of the ANC who are still trying to get an endorsement, ask for forgiveness, or are even hoping to have some of that special magic rub off, you are too late. That Mandela has left the building. This one is a tired, sick (if not good humoured) old man. Let him rest.

To the paparazzi: Give it up. For once do the right thing and stop hanging around so that you can be the first to deliver news that nobody wants to hear. Piss off. To all media, stop repeating a litany of non-news supported by pictures of gates, or doors, or cars.

To everyone else; remember the man for what he did, not what he has become, and allow that image to make you do good, be better and strive for what you believe in. He can’t do it for you. Yes, send him love and good wishes, but not in the hope that he will live longer for us, but that he will do what is most needed on his journey. Honour him by remembering what he stood for , fought for, lived for and achieved.

Please, leave our hero Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela in peace.

It’s ZA News


I’ve had a bit of time on my hands this week so I’ve watched almost all the episodes of ZA News and I have to say, I am loving it. Let’s face it, we have a lot to mock about. Naturally, Malema (or for my purposes Mal enema) gets a showing almost every day, along with our president, who I shall continue to call Zooma. My favourite characters are Madiba and Tutu, who do little footnote comments from the lounge, with Graca occasionally complaining about Tata’s language. Cutie sputie. Oh, and Mbeki “and so on” is delicious. And Div, the bokkie coach, who has something useless to say about everything! Poor Helen Zille though, she just isn’t funny, and somehow manages to suck out any fun there is!

Nik Rabinowitz does the classic voices and he is absolutely brilliant and hilarious. Particularly good are his Tutu and Div. Less successful for me is Helen Zille’s voice, by Nicola Jackman, but ag, she is quite hard to do.

The puppets are phenomenal and hilarious. I particularly love Tim Modise’s hands. They are so expressive. One of our TheatreSports players, Kim Kerfoot, is a puppeteer on the show!

ZA News still needs to grow, as I’m sure it will. I find most of the scenes a touch too long and drawn out, sometimes way after the gag. It’s a hard lesson, learning to be very short. I am also sure that it will start hitting lower and lower and eventually some of the blows will land below the belt. At the moment it’s still pretty tame, which is probably because Sou fefricans still struggle to totally laugh at themselves.

Bravo to Kulula for sponsoring the show. Their ad in the beginning, with the cardboard cut outs and the naf sound effects is my best.

Go and Vote

I’m going to ask everyone I see, even though it’s properly too late. I mean, if you haven’t registered, you can’t. But, for those of you who are registered, please, apathetic Capetonians, complaining Jozi burgers, nervous Durbanites, please, go to the polls.

I am anxious about this election. I see the comparison between popular choice Zoom Zoom Zuma and USA’s own disaster version George Dubya Bush. I am anxious that in Zuma’s hands our most valued constitution is at risk.

I joined the world in excitement about Barak Obama and although I know we had that in Madiba, I really want South Africa to have those kinds of politicians and presidents again. One that really does care about the people. One that will keep his or her promises. One that is able to sell the journey of improvement even though it is going to be long and hard and full of work, as opposed to false promises, handouts and favouritism. I want a president chosen for what he/she stands for, not because he has managed to wriggle out of stuff. I want to believe that the person who is in charge of my country cares more about the people and the land than they do about their position and the power it brings.

I want people to go and vote in an effort to be part of the process. I want people to vote because this country belongs to us and its politicians need to do our work, with us in mind. I want people to go and vote because every vote is counted, and every vote does count.

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