It’s six in the morning and Big Friendly has just made the coffee. In half an hour the last ODI in Australia starts and it should be fun, especially since the Proteas have already won the series. Nothing like rubbing an Australian nose in a bit of Outback dust. So that’s why I’m up.

But this is on my mind. If you are a Capetonian, or even a frequent visitor to the city, you will have stopped at the Orange Street Engen and Woolies. It’s a landmark. And it’s a great after hours supply store. I even think kids jaul there on weekend nights. I stopped there last night to pick up something at about seven. And got stuck in a traffic jam and I was on foot!  What is it with all the moegoes, mainly in fancy cars, who shun an almost empty parking lot ON the premises and clog and jam the drive outside the shop door? I just don’t get it. I also don’t like parking miles away, if it’s dark, or cold, or dangerous. But come on! This parking space is right there! In the light. No, every moegoe stops their car outside the door. Cars getting petrol can’t leave without reversing. Cars trying to leave the Engen can’t. And I was almost run over as I exited the sliding door.

That’s it. I am really going to try and avoid it from now on. Until I need that damn packet of mixed Italian salad!