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A FUNdraiser, heart warmer, eye opener

1236549_10200673323223198_507707605_n I am sure you can imagine the reluctance with which I dragged my sorry arse out of the house last night in the hard, cold rain, to go and emcee Dance For Natalie. It wasn’t only the blastingly unfriendly weather. It’s been so long since I jauled in Long Street I don’t even know the places, and I had visions of not finding parking and having to dash though downpours and giant puddles and Long Street dealers and derelicts just to get to Zula Bar. It wasn’t half as bad. I found a parking less than a block away and I managed to have a short gap of light drizzle to make my dash.

To be fair, I was nervous that others would be put off and not make it, but in the end there was a fantastic turnout and it was a really brilliant evening for all, and a complete eye opener for me. Aside from the fact that the magnificent Nina van der Berg, Natalie’s care-giver, friend and now close circle of love family managed to arrange and host this event, it was how it was received by others, including me, that totally blew me away. First of all there were Natalie’s supporters; friends and family, who came to dance or volunteer at the door and merchandise table. Then there were the bands, dancers (swing, salsa, Cape Jazz, Burlesque), fire dancers and dance teacher, who all offered their services for absolutely free, and were gorgeous, talented and amazing. I am now totally in love with Manouche, a gypsy jazz band, and The Rat Rod Cats, a rock-a-billy trio: two bands I saw and heard live for the first time last night, who rocked the house and revived my interest in live music. (I am following them both on twitter now to keep in the loop about when and where they perform again.)

But mostly I was gobsmacked by Nina’s crowd of friends. I had no idea that young people of Cape Town; female and male, were getting together to dance swing. And it is beautiful, inspiring and happy. Jeannie Elliot of the Boogie Back Dance Co has been teaching them, and it is delightful. Cape Town is still full of surprises, interesting quirks and people doing other fabulous stuff. I got more and more into the evening, and was amazed as four hours flew by and I was hop skipping my way back to the car at 12 to come home.

Well done Nina. Well flippen done. This frenemy of swing is now a heart convert.

PS. I was a shocking emcee. Shocking. The funniest thing of the whole night was when somebody came to tell me that what I had thought was a heckler saying “show us your boobs” was her husband saying “show us your moves”! But, even though I got names all wrong, and people mixed up, I had the best time.

Natalie’s Circle of Love FUNdraiser 3

It’s been a while since I wrote about Natalie Cohen, the miracle child who is still surviving a rare form of bone cancer. 13 year old Natalie continues to be surrounded by her circle of love, family and friends who do everything. One of her most special circle of lovers  is Nina, her care giver. Nina is a flower. She is positive, creative, cute and funny, and she has made a FUNdraiser event that takes place this Thursday even ing at Zula Bar in Long Street. It’s for all lovers of dance. Watch, dance yourself, or watch and learn like me. Actually, I am going to be the emcee at the event, so if we haven’t seen each other in a while, now would be a great time to catch up! Read about Natalie’s journey here, on Natalie’s Circle of Love and check out the facebook event and book tickets or even buy a ticket for someone else. Easy peasy. Let’s Dance this Thing.

Natalie’s Circle of Love FUNdraiser 2

Dear friends, and readers of meganshead, on Tues 11 December we perform our final TheatreSports show of the year at The Kalk Bay Theatre. It’s a very special show because we are going to laugh you into the festive season AND raise money for Natalie’s Circle of Love. I am sure many of you remember Natalie’s story, and the brilliant Baxter FUNdraiser we did for her in April last year. Natalie is one of the bravest young people I know and I am delighted that we are able to dedicate this performance to her and raise much needed funds for her medical costs. Tickets to this show are R100 for adults and R50 for kids (all funds go to Natalie’s Circle of Love Trust) and I know they are going to fly, so book soon on 072 9393351. Then, on the night, we will be collecting soft toys and gentle toiletries for the Sarah Fox Convalescent Hospital for Children in Athlone. There are dedicated beds there for terminally ill children and they really have absolutely nothing. Book your ticket, bring a prezzie and come and laugh with us. What do you say?

Safe wings for Natalie and Shirley

My friend Shirley and her daughter Natalie leave today for Boston. After two grueling days of travel they will fall into the amazing arms of the USA Circle of Love that has sprung up to hold, help and care for them. The team at Boston’s Mass. Gen will get to know Natalie and they will design special Proton Beam Therapy (PBT) for her before the two operations that she will have. Post operations she will have some recovery time before another dose of PBT to zap the last bits of Chordoma. Shirley and Natalie will be gone for some time, but they take with them the unbelievably powerful love, support, wishes, drives, and complete commitment of their family, friends, colleagues, schools; everyone who has been amazing on hearing the hard news of Natalie’s illness.

You can follow their story on Natalie’s Circle of Love blog or leave a message for them. I’ll also do my best to give you the latest. We are still fund raising (you can imagine how expensive all of this is) and people are thinking of amazing ways to help raise money and awareness. I want to make a special thank you to my meganshead readers for kickstarting the whole drive.

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