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G’town begins

I’m sitting in Dulce Cafe in a corner, writing furiously since I have had hysterical interweb dramas the whole day. Truth is, I am useless and and don’t know how the whole thing actually works. Which means I have had to call Big Friendly eleven times and get him to speak me through the whole connecting business; at three different venues. That’s not all! I also have to keep searching for a power point to plug my lappie into because my battery has a life of two and a half minutes. Long enough for me to do exactly nothing. Clucking sheep. Those are our replacement swear words that we invented today because Candice’s 9 year old daughter Kaliya hates our swearing.

We have our first show at 8pm tonight and we had 27 bookings at 12, which, considering how quiet everything is, feels pretty good. I think TheatreSports will rock this festival. The usual suspects are here, slapping their posters on everything. I’m quite keen to see a few things but I might only get my first chance after our show tomorrow at 2pm; I am running an improv workshop tomorrow morning here at the fest.

It’s been really hard for me to get away from Noah of Cape Town stuff and I must admit, my heart (and what’s left of my mind) default to Noah all the time. I keep wondering how it’s going, calling Jaci and Robyn (the stage manager)  and having long conversations about weird stuff like opening night food!!

Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be more connected to the fest. And I’ll report back on everything I see.

TheatreSports treks East

After a teeny, intimate and very sweet show at The Intimate last night, we are all getting ready to pack up and go to the G’town fest. Eek. Time is upon us. I’ve got a meeting and millions of things to do today, before I pick up our TS muso Hannelore at 6am tomorrow morning, and we get on the road in an overstuffed Opel Corsa.

It’s always hilarious to see the various modes of transport, and what they carry, to the fest. We will have five bright orange plastic chairs, a scoreboard, easel, two PVC banners, our personal luggage, and us squeezed in. We travel light with TheatreSports; no set or costumes to worry about. Great.

This year we decided not to make flyers (embarrassing and horrible to hand out) or posters (hell to put up only to be torn down again, or stuck over) and we’ve made badges and stickers. We saw the badges yesterday and they are pretty cool. Candice will get the stickers today.

The one thing I am really struggling with is leaving Noah of Cape Town for a week. It’s not that I actually do anything. But, I’m around. And it’s hard to go and be so far away. Thank the gods of technology for cellphones hey?

The Noah of Cape Town Set

I had to dash off to the rehearsal venue for a quick meeting and Jaci called us into the rehearsal space to “take a look”. She was dying for us to see the actors working with the set. Simon, Floss and I went in and it was like seeing another show, another level, another world, another possibility. I have to say, Jaci is a visionary. There is this huge metal hexagon that is steeply raked and made up of giant triangles, and everything is see through and… I could never begin to accurately explain. The actors are singing, while standing on this massive thing, while being spun around! I was awestruck and dumbfounded and excited and moved. Just you wait. Noah of Cape Town is coming. Just you wait!

Here is a picture of Walter, the production manager, helping to put the monster together.


Noah is coming!

Yesterday afternoon a handful of us gathered in the rehearsal room in Woodstock to see a run through of Noah of Cape Town. Jaci had warned us earlier that the cast were nowhere near ready to be doing a run through; they had only really done detailed work on act 1 and they weren’t ready for an audience. I think she was protecting them and making sure that everybody understood how early on in the process it is. And there is no set, no costumes, no anything, except for the cast.

Needless to say, we were all totally blown away. Literally. Jaci, Amanda and the cast are doing the most amazing job. The story is being brought to life in the most conscious, creative and honest way. And as for the music, it is magnificent. Although it is quite long; almost two hours, it is absolutely riveting.

You know that thing where you are watching something completely amazing and every time anyone does something or sings or says something you think that they are your best, until the next person sings or speaks? That’s what happened to me yesterday. I fell in love with 16 people. Hopelessly, overwhelmingly in love. This cast is unbelievable.

Sometimes I wish all people could see this part of the rehearsal process. It is so raw, so alive, so electric. I was honoured and grateful and terribly emotional. But not as emotional as Simon Cooper, who was wracked with sobs at the end of the run. Oh Simon, our dreams are literally coming true. Our dreams are coming true.

Lineup OPTION 1_small

Winter flu

noah So I hugged one of my actors on Tuesday and he was full of flu and now I’m full of flu. Poo. But yesterday I went to Noah of Cape Town rehearsals for an hour. It has been very hard to stay away. When I got there the cast (except for Vuyo who also has flu) were sitting around Amanda Tiffin, who was on the keyboard, and they were ‘note bashing’, which, for those unmusical like me, is learning the notes of one of the songs. So, in the beginning it’s all unremarkable, and then suddenly, there is this song. Sung by fifteen voices. Omigod.

I am beside myself with excitement for this show. Frankie (who plays Gareth Martens) has done these unbelievable drawings. I went to talk to the sales department at The Baxter today, to introduce them to the show and encourage them to sell block bookings. I can’t say how much I am just bubbling over.

I am also delighted with Jaci’s impressions, which can be read on Noah of Cape Town‘s web site. Check out her director’s diary to have a total sense of what it’s like to be at rehearsals.

Opel, corsa not.

I know my posts have been a bit thin on the ground lately. Truth is I have been most preoccupied with things mostly mundane. Organising stuff. My worst. Not worth writing about. And thinking about Noah of Cape Town.

So I thought; it’s hammering down and wintry dark this Friday morning. What could be better than a massive moan? Get it of my chest. Start with a clean slate this morning. Build up a whole new head of steam, I thought.

Opel_Logo Yesterday I took my car to get fixed. There were a few niggly things worrying me and I wanted to get them sorted out. Now, a couple of days ago I noticed that my little Opel badge on my boot had been stolen. It looks like they just pop off quite easily; it wasn’t even stuck on with glue. I can’t tell you how this little act of petty crime irritated me. So, I thought I’d ask the official dealers to get me a new one. I knew something funny was going to happen when they said they would quote on it. Which they did. R450. For that little plastic badge. R450. I politely told them to put the badge where nobody would see it.

I drove home in a huff. And got stuck in peak hour traffic. Next to more than just a few Opel Corsas. And one in four of them had their back badge missing. This started creating a bit of a picture in my mind. And it’s not a good one. Opel make the damn things easy to steal. They are not integrated into the car like other logos. They are not stuck on. They are meant to be stolen and then, a new R450 one needs to be bought! Sies. I don’t get it, Opel. Surely it’s not good brand image that one in four Opels are badgeless?

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