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All Cracked up!

I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to see Cracks, but last night Big Friendly and I finally got there and I had one of those best times of laughing my head off for over an hour.

This incarnation of Marianne Thamm’s on stage mid life crisis as performed by her, Anthea Thompson, Shimmy Isaacs and Anne Hirsch is at On Broadway, which used to be the New Space which was not a theatre for a long time after it stopped being the old Space.

Cracks In The City is comedy. There is stand-up (mostly Anne and Shimmy), sit down and demonstration comedy by host Marianne, character and song by mistress of transformation Anthea, and even funny recorded sketches. Marianne is one of the funniest people I know and she has this completely wacky, very fast delivery of material that is bizarre, original and quite mental. She is a fantastic emcee and host for the evening. Anthea’s character, a lopsided breasted old stinker, who has a bit of a habit dispensing and taking pharmaceuticals is hilarious, and her singer who sings a dirty little song had me weeping. Anne Hirsch does a fresh young stand-up routine, my favourite part being the Sokkie sucks; you have to see it. Then Shimmy does a warm, delicious combination of stand-up and sketch which is local and totally lekker. I particularly smaaked her gangster dance/fight routine.

The most hilarious moment of the show (and one I will never, ever forget) is a visual one, virtually impossible to describe here (but you know me, I’m going to give it a bash!). Anthea’s old lady is doing the most bizarre sequence of ‘eye’ tests on a hapless male volunteer from the audience (last night’s man was this tall, grinning stick of embarrassment) and suddenly, after placing him in the right position on stage she gallimpses towards him with a chart that he needs to read. It is so fast. And weird. And totally, completely beyond anything. I thought I was going to suffer a physical ailment myself from that lopsided speed assault on that poor man.

Obviously some stuff is more funny than others, and each audience member will have their favourite favourite. Four completely different cracks on stage. I was jealous, but in a good way. All I wanted was to be a crack. And I am one! Hau!

A tiny footnote must be added. What’s with the shabby little venue downstairs? Big Friendly and I went down there after the show to wait to say thanks to the cast and the lights were on bright, there was no music, a programme called ‘teen mom’ was on the big screen TV, but Big Friendly thought it was called ‘Please change the lamp’ because that was the display message on the screen, we weren’t offered a drink (in fact I don’t even know if there were wait staff around) and it felt a bit like being in a hospital waiting room. Which is not a good thing to feel after an amazing, funny show that makes you want to hang around afterwards and drink and talk and laugh. What gives?

Cracks In the City is on at On Broadway until the 27 November.

Angels on horseback; a very lekker ride

It was the rather glam opening of Angels on Horseback at On Broadway last night and I took my friend Frob, who is shooting a movie in Slaap Stad, with. And a jolly good, thigh slapping, yeehaing, toe tapping time was had by all.

I first saw (and wrote about) Angels on Horseback way back in 2007, and the show has come a long way since then. In fact, other than the same team (except for Bood) it is hardly recognisable as the same show. This version is slicker, funnier, prettier, tighter and there’s more of it too.

So what is this show Angels on Horseback? It’s Candice D’Arcy and Fiona du Plooy singing, dancing and even baking and horse riding,  backed up by Jamie Jupiter and Gene Kierman on many various guitars, drums, a small tuba thing, and even voices. This is all directed and made sexy and funny by Peter Hayes.

I love the original songs. They are very, very funny and sharp and really entertaining. I love Oh Johannes, Erotic Kitchen and Doop Doop. Some of the covers are excellent choices too; my favourites being Gene’s version of Dolly Parton’s I Will Always Love You, Don’tcha and the hilarious Texas Annie. I am still struggling with the version of The Boss’s Dancing in the Dark, but let’s face it, when it comes to Springsteen (and probably only him) I’m a bit of a purist. Nothing will get Candice’s headpiece out of my mind. You gotta see it to believe it!

This show has got a lot going for it. It is proper, genuine entertainment. Because both lurvely ladies are primarily actors, their skill is in delivering a performance, making the songs into little scenes, which for the most part are hilarious. I think the more serious stuff is not as successful; but there’s not too much of that. It’s the pony riding, real rhyming, square (ish) dancing stuff that I lurve. 4907_Girls loo web

Jamie and Gene have come a long way since I first saw them. They have made that difficult transition from pure musician to entertaining performer and they are both totally engaging, funny and delightful, as well as being the great musos they are.

This show hits the scene at a great time. I was feeling a bit starved for good entertainment, and here it is, like Ryk Neethling, on a silver tray. This original show is a blues chaser. It’s feel good. It’s good mood. And it’s well done. It’s not another tribute show (thank the gods). And it’s cheap! Tickets are R85 per person, and there are two halves. Put yr cowboy boots on and dig out your stetsons and make sure you see this one. The run is until 21 March.

Cool offer for Cowboys and girls

So, almost two years ago I saw Angels on Horseback, a cheeky and hilarious romp through some great original country songs with some very funny and even rude lyrics, fronted by Candice D’Arcy and Fiona du Plooy. Now they are doing a brand new version of this cool show and there is a preview on the 3rd of March and you can pick up a ticket for a lowly R50!

Oh, it helps if I tell you the where and when hey? Angels on Horseback is at On Broadway and runs ’til the 21 March. Yee ha!

Angels poster09web

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