I know my posts have been a bit thin on the ground lately. Truth is I have been most preoccupied with things mostly mundane. Organising stuff. My worst. Not worth writing about. And thinking about Noah of Cape Town.

So I thought; it’s hammering down and wintry dark this Friday morning. What could be better than a massive moan? Get it of my chest. Start with a clean slate this morning. Build up a whole new head of steam, I thought.

Opel_Logo Yesterday I took my car to get fixed. There were a few niggly things worrying me and I wanted to get them sorted out. Now, a couple of days ago I noticed that my little Opel badge on my boot had been stolen. It looks like they just pop off quite easily; it wasn’t even stuck on with glue. I can’t tell you how this little act of petty crime irritated me. So, I thought I’d ask the official dealers to get me a new one. I knew something funny was going to happen when they said they would quote on it. Which they did. R450. For that little plastic badge. R450. I politely told them to put the badge where nobody would see it.

I drove home in a huff. And got stuck in peak hour traffic. Next to more than just a few Opel Corsas. And one in four of them had their back badge missing. This started creating a bit of a picture in my mind. And it’s not a good one. Opel make the damn things easy to steal. They are not integrated into the car like other logos. They are not stuck on. They are meant to be stolen and then, a new R450 one needs to be bought! Sies. I don’t get it, Opel. Surely it’s not good brand image that one in four Opels are badgeless?