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Small Furries

Is it too soon to write about the small furries that are coming tomorrow? Should I be waiting until they are on their beds, snuggled in, with full tummies, breathing puppy breath? Should I be waiting to see what Chassie does, and how they like the courtyard, and what toys they will play with? Should I be waiting until they have been checked for fleas and had their little coats brushed and their little faces kissed?

Should I be waiting until Big Friendly has taken 90000 photos of them and we have decided for sure what they are called? Should I be waiting for later tonight, when we can’t sleep more sleeps but it isn’t tomorrow yet when we can go and fetch them and bring them home?

I am filled with overjoyedness, anticipation, nerves, excitedness, butterflies worse than any pre-performance time. I am all of these things because a brown dog puppy and her brother, a black dog puppy are coming from the SPCA tomorrow. Our home was approved by them with flying colours. We are allowed by them to have dogs. All who know us are happy too. And we are filled with love.

Small Furries

It is a desperate morning today. I need to find homes for two puppies that are growing up on the street, in the road behind where we live.

A squatting family owns three dogs that run loose in the neighbourhood. The female had two puppies. When I rescued the one puppy from under a wire fence about two weeks ago, I called amazing African Tails to come and fetch them. The dogs’ owner then tried to charge R500 a piece for the puppies and wouldn’t give them up. On Thursday both puppies were found in the road by different people. This morning one of them had been knocked (not badly) by a car. I am so full of rage I am almost immobile. Big Friendly has taken her to the vet and is waiting for them to open to have her checked out. She is riddled with fleas and obviously in pain even though she wags her little tail every time you make contact. It breaks my heart.

Why? Why does it have to be like this? Why do people do these things to animals? How can we ever fix this evil? Please help me find homes for these two puppies who will be stolen from their owners today. I am done. Here is a pic of the one who has gone to the vet.

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