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Kool Waste

A couple of years ago I was on the hunt for a safe, easy way to do my recycling. I searched, called, googled and spoke to friends before discovering Barry Visagie and Kool Waste. Woodstock seemed to be an under serviced neighbourhood, for all sorts of obvious socio-political reasons.

The reason why Kool Waste were quite difficult to get hold of was because they don’t have a great on-line presence. Since discovering them though, we have had an amazing relationship. For R60 a month, Barry and his gorgeous guy swing by my house once a week and collect a full black bag of recyclables. All I have to do is to make sure the stuff is all clean and dry. Plastic, paper, tin, and glass is all put together and then Barry and the Kool Waste guys do the sorting.

They sent out a newsletter this week saying that a lot of their customers were in arrears and that they had been losing customers too. I suppose it might seem like an extra expense when people are tightening their belts. I think this is a great pity. So I am putting word out there. Here is how to get hold of Barry. 072 1295787 or


I really, really want to start recycling properly. I get depressed every time I remove anything organic (even organic, organic) from a cellophane or plastic wrapper, in a plastic punnet, with a sticky label and a cardboard outside label. Woolies are the worst for over packaging their stuff! I am definitely going to buy a worm farm for the wet stuff, but it’s all the other recyclables I need a solution for.

I make a half-hearted attempt to take our glass to the school drop-off up the road, and I usually leave our newspapers outside for the pre-garbage collectors, who I think get some money for paper and cardboard. But that’s it.

So when I heard about my friend’s whole block getting recycle aware I decided to contact Think Twice. Unfortunately, they only do the Atlantic Seaboard. And I am back where I started. I can’t find someone to come and fetch my stuff, nor somewhere to drop everything off. This place does glass; that place does paper, still looking for plastic, cans, etc.

Is anyone managing this better than me in my neck of the woods, Woodstock?

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