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Mario’s message to the Bokke

Woke up early to say this. Yes, it’s true. I am mad.

Miserable Mario

Mario is back to explain why the Sharks lost.

Mario on the Stormers’ Win

I am in a mood at the moment; waking up with little video ideas and then shooting them. I find them funny. Let me know what you think. Here’s today’s one.

A Dirty Game

I’ve been watching the rugby with Big Friendly, and it’s been a heartless, cruel affair, with the All Blacks getting away with murder. I don’t understand a lot of it, but it was a devastating loss for the Springboks. It’s one of the only times that Big Friendly has become Big Bully; he could not contain himself with the injustice of it all, and turned around and gave me a mouthful! What do I know? I can tell you that it was beautiful seeing the 90 000 strong crowd at the FNB stadium. I got a lump in my throat actually. It was great seeing the nasty, biased ref be taken out by Schalk Burger. It was touching seeing John Smit get his 100th cap.

I wish it was all over but now Big Bully wants to watch the Sharks take on Western Province, and we are a leetle split in terms of who we support. I’m a lot less invested, but I scheme, if you live in CT you should support WP. Big Bully’s theory is that you should support the team from the town you were born in. Which makes no sense at all because I’m sure he was born in Jozi. Anyway, he’s still upset. And so are all the men in our ‘hood.

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