On Saturday I made a last minute dash to the fish shop and most of the fancy stuff was already sold out. Big Friendly is generally not a fan of bony fish, but it was a choice of Blue Nose, which was huge and very dense and very expensive, or Snoek. My jaw almost fell off when the fish was weighed; a whole filleted Snoek cost less than R20. So it was back home to get Big Friendly to dump the charcoal on the braai. I made the number one, best, most delicious marinade for that Snoek and here is the recipe.

Snoek marinade for the Braai

Take a third of a tin of Koo smooth apricot jam and mix in a couple of cloves of crushed garlic, a table spoon of best olive oil, a big splash of Kikoman soya sauce, and the juice of one lemon. Put a slash of Tabasco in and season with salt and pepper. Smear all over the fish and leave in the fridge until the fire is ready. Then braai until the sauce gets brown and sticky and bubbly. That is it. The best.