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Dog days

Linus and Frida are installed.

Frida is a tough, clever, curious, friendly and funny girl. She is almost double her brother’s size. Linus is tiny, gentle, slow and soft. They are totally in our hearts and we only fetched them from the SPCA this morning. I can’t help but feel that everything worked out exactly as planned and that PETS made the mistake they needed to in order for us to get these little magnificent somebodies.

Right now they are lying at Big Friendly’s feet while he watches TV. We have just come back from their first visit to the park. It was both thrilling and terrifying, for the puppies and us. There were ‘big dogs’ there.

Their poos have been examined and discussed. Their tummies, teeth, tails, eyes, fur, claws have been marveled over. Frida can get up and down the stairs but Linus needs a hand.

This is just the beginning of the total, mutual delight session of our time together.

Small Furries

Is it too soon to write about the small furries that are coming tomorrow? Should I be waiting until they are on their beds, snuggled in, with full tummies, breathing puppy breath? Should I be waiting to see what Chassie does, and how they like the courtyard, and what toys they will play with? Should I be waiting until they have been checked for fleas and had their little coats brushed and their little faces kissed?

Should I be waiting until Big Friendly has taken 90000 photos of them and we have decided for sure what they are called? Should I be waiting for later tonight, when we can’t sleep more sleeps but it isn’t tomorrow yet when we can go and fetch them and bring them home?

I am filled with overjoyedness, anticipation, nerves, excitedness, butterflies worse than any pre-performance time. I am all of these things because a brown dog puppy and her brother, a black dog puppy are coming from the SPCA tomorrow. Our home was approved by them with flying colours. We are allowed by them to have dogs. All who know us are happy too. And we are filled with love.

Desperate Dog. Please help!

Does anybody out there know what I can do? Any and all advice will be put into action immediately. In the alleyway behind our house there is a dog. She is owned by a man in the street behind us and has been placed in the alley as a guard dog. Although she has shelter, food, water and shade she has no contact with people or animals. That is her life. And she cries all the time.

I have had the SPCA inspector out here on at least three occasions, but because there is no sign of abuse or neglect on the dog there is nothing that they can do. DARG, TEARS and pro-life animal rescue can’t help at all; they are by law not allowed to have inspectors working for them because of their pro-life policy. Everybody has suggested that I wait for the municipal bylaws to change and then I can complain about a noise disturbance to the police. That is hardly the point. I am also feeling desperate in my helplessness. I have no access to the dog since our back door into the alley is sealed shut and our walls are very high. All I hear is her constant, sad crying. It is unbearable and heartbreaking. Please tell me what to do.

Oh, I forgot to add that this man who owns her is an absolutely aggressive, mean, nasty piece of work and is totally unapproachable. Everybody is scared of him. He has a reputation for being a gangster and for taking revenge on those who complain.

The Wonderful Wiggle-Waggle Walk-a-thon

At about 8.50 yesterday morning Big Friendly, Bayla, Gally and I joined the masses of two and four legged walkers in Tokai for 567 Cape Talk and SPCA‘s little 4.5km stroll through the neighbourhood to raise money for the SPCA. Omigod!

I have never, ever seen so many dogs of every shape, size and description, alongside people of every shape, age and description. Manic Huskies dragged their owners along on short leashes. Yappy Jack Russels went round and round in circles. A few, more timid brakkies panted and stood behind legs. Dalmatians, Alsatians, Golden Retrievers, Pekes and Poms, Scotties, Schnauzers, sausage dogs. There were dogs in bows and dogs in dresses, dogs in bandanas and sparkling bejewelled collars. And there was a lot of dog poop.

When Soli started the walk and we all charged past the starting line Big Friendly and Gally looked a little panicked. It was all too much for them. But soon it settled down and we stomped from watering hole to watering hole, stopping off for sniffing, peeing and checking out moments in the shade, for spray offs from hoses, and little runner blue plastic water for people.

Before an hour was up the whole thing was done and we were making our way back to the car. All four of us had the best time. We’ll be back next year!

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