I am determined to fill my life with other stuff. I have been reading all the newspapers and on line news and the lead story is … Joost’s confessional book. Sies. Hau bo! Kak! So now this stinky man has written (or has told his ghost writer) about his sexual and chemical deviance and how it destroyed his life. And I’m sure he will make more money than he did at Supersport, who fired him after his little sex tape surfaced. Blah blah blah blah.

What irritates me though, and it’s what I complained so bitterly about with our other sex skande Steve Hofmeyr, is the lying. These little weasels believe that their pain and anguish because of what they’ve been busted with somehow make them better, stronger and … more religious. But, what about the lying? Ag, sies man! Sies. I can’t bring myself to publicise this story more! Sies.