Dear Thembisile, the news of the discovery of your body, in your office, ten days after you went missing, has spread like wildfire all over media. You were not discovered in your own office for ten days, even after police and sniffer dogs searched the premises. It was claimed you didn’t report for work, but there your body was, locked in your office. It was claimed that you didn’t report for work but your car was in the parking lot. The CCTV cameras picked up your arrival, but suddenly, were switched off immediately after that. These are the terrible, inexplicable, scandalous details of your death and how you were utterly failed, but they are nothing compared to how you were failed while you were alive.

Media will scratch out a story, and it has begun already, about how you were being bullied at work, how your body was found in a plastic bag, how your family went to find you, how Eskom have backtracked on the story, how they claimed you committed suicide.

The truth is that you were young and alive and happy and you were murdered. I cannot begin to imagine your last moments. I cannot begin to understand or manage the horror of what you went through. And we will never really know why. Another woman has been murdered and your story is only exceptional because of its strangeness. I am heartbroken for you, and the loss of you.