I really, really want to start recycling properly. I get depressed every time I remove anything organic (even organic, organic) from a cellophane or plastic wrapper, in a plastic punnet, with a sticky label and a cardboard outside label. Woolies are the worst for over packaging their stuff! I am definitely going to buy a worm farm for the wet stuff, but it’s all the other recyclables I need a solution for.

I make a half-hearted attempt to take our glass to the school drop-off up the road, and I usually leave our newspapers outside for the pre-garbage collectors, who I think get some money for paper and cardboard. But that’s it.

So when I heard about my friend’s whole block getting recycle aware I decided to contact Think Twice. Unfortunately, they only do the Atlantic Seaboard. And I am back where I started. I can’t find someone to come and fetch my stuff, nor somewhere to drop everything off. This place does glass; that place does paper, still looking for plastic, cans, etc.

Is anyone managing this better than me in my neck of the woods, Woodstock?