It’s 06h10 in the morning and I can’t pretend to sleep anymore. I am properly wide awake and my brain is churning. How on earth am I going to put a play together to be performed this evening? I still have to find music, scratch around for bits of costumes and props, and then be at rehearsals at 08h30 this morning. It’s going to be a weird day. That’s the only thing I know for sure. The good news is that I’ve been blessed with an excellent, talented, positive cast. They have gone with my concept wholeheartedly, which is quite an ask. Big Friendly is also up and trying to find me the music on the web.

And speaking of Big Friendly and the web; I am so lucky to be married to a webmaster. You see, yesterday Big Friendly outed a troll. Huh? you may ask, as I did when he told me about it. A troll is a little somebody who gets their tail in a knot on the internet and leaves comments pretending to be from different people. Somebody who leaves comments with the intent of antagonising and offending. There is a saying amongst web geeks that goes "don’t feed the troll", don’t respond, in other words. You see, I couldn’t understand how an innocent comment of mine, became such an interesting focus for four people who have me on their hate list. After not much scratching, and because Big Friendly knows how to look and how it works, he showed me how all the comments came from the same IP number. So, even if you leave different email addresses and nicknames, we can still see where they come from, Eishwena. Now, in the past I have allowed everybody and anybody who isn’t spam to leave a comment on meganshead. I like a completely open, responsive forum, especially since I know that there will be people who will disagree with me on things. But I can still throw them out if I want to. I never have up until now. But henceforth James/Dewald/Eishwena/Anon, you’re gone baby, solid gone.