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Women of Substance

It’s no secret how much I have been loving my weekly voice classes with Liz Mills. They have been a ‘gift of worthiness’ to myself, and have reminded me of what an amazing set of tools our bodies and voices are. I only perform improv at the moment, but I can feel the massive impact the voice work has had on the range of characters I play, and the range of ‘voices’ I have access to. The classes have also given me superb focus when I direct, helping actors to achieve through their voices.

So Liz asked me to put up on meganshead some news about a workshop she will be running, together with Barbara McCrea and I am, with all my recommendation behind it. Really, this work is absolutely shifting, in body, voice and mind.

Women of Substance

You are seen. You are heard. You leave a physical and vocal imprint.

How are you perceived through sound or speech? How do you perceive yourself? Do you hesitate to speak up? Do you feel that you aren’t heard or that people speak over you? Are you over loud? Do you feel that your voice fails to make an impact? Are you interested in voices that change?

This workshop combines Feldenkrais movement practices and voice practice to explore impulse into sound. Through a series of gentle physical and vocal exercises participants will explore physical extension and release to support the opening up of the sound of the head voice and of the chest voice. No previous experience is necessary. The work is done in a group.

The workshop is for those who are interested in change; for those who want more range and texture in their voices; for those who suspect that there is more control and power to be accessed through voice.

Liz Mills is a voice and theatre practitioner.  A long academic career in the Drama Department at the University of Cape Town provided the context for extensive postgraduate research in voice, international publication and the development of personal techniques for working creatively with the voice. She has presented her voice research at the Central School of Speech and Drama in London and more recently taught at Rochester University in the USA. Directing work includes Shakespeare’s King Lear, Susan-Lori Parks’ In the Blood, Chekhov’s The Seagull and Martin Crimp’s Attempts on her Life.

Barbara McCrea       

Is South Africa’s only Feldenkrais Method® of movement education instructor with many years of teaching people to use their bodies optimally and challenge the habits and patterns in thinking and moving which hold us back.

021 788 9626  /   083 745 7086

The details are

Saturday 12 May 2012,  9am – 2pm, Wynberg  Pilates Studio, 18 Mortimer Rd, Wynberg

R500. Book with Barbara. Space is limited, so early booking is recommended. Full payment is required one week in advance, contact Barbara for EFT details.


Voice Class

I have just come back from The Baxter completely excited and invigorated. I went to my first voice class for professional actors more or less since I left drama school 27 years ago! The amazing thing is that it was with my drama school voice teacher, the amazing Liz Mills. What a privilege; spending the hour working with Liz in a gentle, thorough and expert way, getting in touch with my performing voice. I am beyond excited to get back to this kind of work, and am so looking forward to the next session next week. In the meantime I will be thinking about how Liz gently jogged my memory and led me to my shoulder blades (dripping like oil is a phrase I remember from the deep past) and my pelvic floor, and even my tummy which has tripled in size since the last time it was in a class like that.

I cannot imagine how there isn’t a waiting list with the names of every actor in Cape Town fighting to be there. But we know Cape Town; a bit slow on the uptake. Here are the details. Every Tuesday from 1pm to 2pm at The Baxter. Liz will be working in month blocks, and that’s how you pay. Ridiculously cheap for master classes. Message me if you want to contact her.

I am off to breathe. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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