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Bright TheatreSports

I was exhausted and stressed when I arrived at TheatreSports yesterday evening. We have our weekly improv class before our Monday night show and I didn’t even feel like being there. About fifteen minutes into the class though, I was doubled up with laughter. And this lasted right through into a sweetie of a performance. Some of our audience were people who had seen us for the first time in Darling at the Voorkamerfest, and they brought along a whole group of friends. It was a big, fat jaul, and I’m still smiling, even though today is the opening of an industrial theatre project that has the butterflies going crazy in my gut.

So even though today is going to be a long one, I am still looking forward to tonight, where we do more of the same, only totally different, at The Kalk Bay Theatre. Come and join us!

Darling Darling and TheatreSports

What an absolute treat. Candice, Ryan and I hopped into my car on Friday morning and travelled up the West coast before turning right to Darling to participate in TheatreSports‘s first Darling Voorkamerfest. This unique live performance festival was celebrating its sixth year, and I have to say, it was run like a well oiled machine.

This is how it works. 21 different performances (mostly music, but a few theatre and one dance this year) are hosted by Darling locals, in the actual voorkamers, or lounges of their houses. Guests buy tickets and go on a mystery tour in a taxi, where they get to see three surprise performances in a row. There is one set of shows on the Friday, two on the Saturday and one on the Sunday; really hard work for the performers (especially Saturday) but as we said on our way back, absolutely rewarding.

I was lucky enough to stay in a granny flat of Rosemary’s house, where we were performing. This meant we were able to get ready, warm up and operate from right there, which was great. Our shows were amazing. We just sprouted. What was so interesting was how on the same day we would get similar suggestions from our audiences. If one group gave us a teapot, the next would give us a kettle. If one group said French, all groups did after that. We did so many scenes and so many games, accents and styles that it’s hard to highlight any and the last ones stick out more prominently. One of my faves was a period drama/love story with a singing, balloon blowing suitor (Ryan), a Style Replay that took place in a vet’s waiting room, a forensic detective scene where the detective’s mother had been murdered, a Soap Opera starring duck billed platypuses, oh the list is endless.

We got amazing feedback and promises from many that they would come and see us in Cape Town. And I really hope we get invited back to the Voorkamerfest, it was such a jaul.

We also went to a field close to town to see the flowers. We went twice. So beautiful.

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