I often wonder whether there are things in the world that we all feel exactly the same about. I know it couldn’t possibly be true that everyone had the same response to things, especially since our lived experience all over the planet is so diverse, but I have these poetic notions that there are things that bind all humans; even if it is simply that we share in the wonder of new life, the sadness of sudden or even lingering death, and an innate aversion to suffering. I don’t let myself think about that too hard, because of the holes; those that I know do not share these things, or at least act like they do not feel them, or have unlearned the feelings.

But I have this feeling once a year, on our winter solstice (based on absolutely no fact, or reason) that we are all a bit crazy on winter solstice and that we connect to something dark and old, a bit dangerous, a bit unstable, and very natural. It is both an unsettling feeling and a comforting one; that we share this short day and dark night with each other, and that, symbolically, we start moving towards the light now, even in tiny increments.

This year I hope it has to do with our whole country, I am able to visualise our country being in this nadir of dark unsettledness, and now crawling towards something lighter, easier, healthier.

I guess this is simply a visualisation exercise, but how cool if we shared it.

(PS. I was on set yesterday, acting and having the best time of my life, so maybe that is why I am all blissed out and full of thoughts for positive change.)