When I heard that Taliep Petersen had been murdered I was so sad that he had died in a gang-style execution. I was up in Jozi, about to celebrate my brother’s wedding that day. And I remember thinking how Taliep had not, for all his success and fame, managed to transcend the gang mentality of a poor, disenfranchised community.

Now it seems he was murdered because of his success, and his wife stands accused. I find these stories terribly unsettling and frightening. I battle to understand how this can happen. I struggle with the ease that people are able to hire hitmen to carry out murder. I am horrified by how common it’s become as a problem solver for women. I know. I know that women and children suffer terrible abuse at the hands of men, and that is far far more common. Still. Women are not just thinking about murder, they’re hiring people to kill their spouses. Hectic.