2.2 The prices to be included in the contract are the prices to be indicated in [name of document] of our offer; or, if the institution chooses another proposal from the [name of the document], it is the prices displayed in [the name of the document] for that proposal. First and foremost, make sure that the tender is done on time – it is unlikely that organizations will review your offer if it arrives after the end of the process. Maybe you want to deliver it yourself, by hand, to make sure it arrives safely. Contact the organization to verify that they have received it. Bidding is common for companies that provide goods or services to other companies or the public sector. However, more formal tenders often apply to larger jobs or supply markets spread over time. Public works, in particular, have specific tendering procedures. This applies to clients who range from your local government or hospital to a central government department. 2. Terms and conditions. I/We agree that this offer and any contract that may result from it are based on the documents listed below and that the buyer is the [give to the legal person of your institution (z.B the University Tribunal of the Institution)]. Even if you don`t win the job this time, writing a tender can clarify your goals, strengths and weaknesses and you can learn for the next time by asking for feedback on your offer. It increases your profile with the customer and helps you learn more about customer needs.

Make sure the customer is serious and that you are not there to create the numbers or test the market. Sometimes customers are only looking for ideas that they use for themselves. You can prevent this by inviting customers to sign a confidentiality agreement before the offer is submitted. But don`t forget that a lot of customers really want you to make a creative contribution and give ideas. 8. I/We agree that all other contractual or general reservations that may be printed on one of myself in connection with this offer or any contract resulting from this offer do not apply to this offer or order. 4. The prices shown in this offer are valid up to [Section 2.3 of the Tender Terms] and I/we confirm that the terms of the offer remain mandatory for me and may be accepted by you at any time prior to that date.