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The Age of Outcry

imagesChapter 9

Thank you readers, for coming this far. Let me remind you. You are now on day 17 of my home rebirth deep mindfulness and being present meditation preparation experiential process.

In summary, I have, up to this point, introduced the skills and insights of being still, asking ourselves a genuine ‘how are you?’, inner listening, inner answering, pause, forming a mental picture of every word, finding the colour and form of the emotion, and doing the simple loud bang brain rewire. You are in a good place.

You have l-earned the in-breath of self control (chapter 6), the filling of the lungs of expansion and growth (chapter 7). You have l-earned the hold-breath of enlightened focus (chapter 8). You are ready.

You are ready for the out-breath of the age of outcry. The out-breath is the release. It is the expression and it is the letting go. The length of your out-breath determines your age. Of course this is not your physical age, it is your developmental age. And the outcry is the sound of your rebirth. The outcry is the tear of pain, the separation, the rebirth canal journey to your more free self. Are you ready?

So, get comfortable. Relax. Let your mind(full)eye(I) focus on the inner self. Make inner i-contact with your self. Acknowledge, silent greet, meta-physical hug. In-breath. Love is an inward expression. Self-control. Hold-breath. Enlightened focus. Now your first ever out-breath of the age of outcry. Let it go. Let it pass your vocal chords on the way out. Let go of the gender specificity of the soul sound. Release your outcry into the physical world.

The physical manifestation of the age of outcry will be tears, breathlessness, possible sore throat. You may see red, in dots or just metaphorically. This is because your molecules will be readjusting. No need for further action, just acknowledgement without judgement. Awareness without achievement oriented masculine thinking.

You have accessed the next stage in the meditation preparation experience. You have arrived at the outcry. It is the expression.

If your tears were put under a microscope now, the shape and form of the water configurations would be sharp, black and violent. They would form a physic-neural number, written in DNA. It would be calculable. It would be the age. The age of your outcry.


It is a bittersweet end to this series of tandem blog posts. I have loved these, and found them challenging. Please check out the others here. Dave Luis and Brett Anderson, thanks for all the words.




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  1. Oh wow Megs, what a fun end, especially knowing your present context and all the rantworthy topics you have in store [although yes muchly blogged upon] and can very definitely see you in this class focusing all the harder to out-with-the-standardblank in-with-the-good…

    tbV and i both loved it
    Nice finish and thankx for being with on what has been the most fantastical journey so far of these…
    See you in a bit…
    love brett fish

  2. Dave

    Sublime! Completely different take on the topic! Well played, Megan!
    This has been fun. Thanks team!

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