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The Beast that is auditions

I am almost done with auditioning. There are still one or two people I want to see, and will make special arrangements for them, but on the whole I am truly auditioned out. What a hectic thing, having to come to a person to present your skills, ideas, your self. What a hectic thing it is to witness that, over and over again. What a hectic thing to see someone, who with all the intention and focus in the world, just gets it completely wrong. How hectic it is to have unrealistic expectations for those people you know. How amazing it is to have moments of being totally blown away. I am exhausted from all that energy. And I am confused. And thrilled and excited and inspired. And terrified. Thank you everybody, for bringing me a bit of yourself. And well done.


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  1. Oh, let the games (rehearsals) begin. Can’t wait for curtain-up.

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