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The Bond

How is such love felt after so short a time? Yes there are all the cliches; the puppy breath, the sweet falling walks, the struggle upstairs, the nodding off exhaustion, the bounding towards you in recognition, the way they fall in love with your voice, the soft faces and ears and the cuteness of everything. But how can my heart be close to exploding with love for these two beings after 6 days?

How can Big Friendly and I be having serious discussions (read differences in opinions) about how much and how often they should eat? How can the bedroom rule be broken with such ease? How can our house feel so completely different and better with dog energy in it? How can you know that one feels sick? Who remembers how funny puppies are? How proud can I be when a simple wee or poo happens on the lawn? How can two little personalities be so completely different from each other already, and likes and dislikes unique to each of them?

Oh, big, huge, moist, tumbling and joyous is my new love.





Jazzart’s Boring Biko’s Quest

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  1. Beilla Gans

    Can’t get much comfier than that. It’s amazing how fascinating they are. Enjoy Tante B

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