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the crazy world of industrial theatre

The hardest thing about being somebody who makes industrial theatre is that people who ask for it have NO IDEA what it is. Somebody hears about it from somebody else, or they hear that the competition is busy ‘doing it’ and that it is working wonders. So, normally what happens is that the big boss sends his/her underling to go out and ‘get some industrial theatre!’ Naturally he/she gets into a panic. What is it? where do I find it? How will I know what to ask for? He/she scouts around and eventually ends up with an eventing or planning company, who in turn have to go out and find some hapless industrial theatre idiot (from now on known as me) to make it. Only problem is that it’s like broken telephone. The boss hasn’t a clue what he/she wants, the underling hasn’t been able to interpret his/her idea, the production or event company make lots of vague promises about what can be done and all of this comes to me to then make possible!

So making industrial theatre is like hitchhiking the wrong way up a one way street. It’s like smoking in the shower. And I suppose if I look at the name “Industrial Theatre”, I shouldn’t be surprised. It’s like, there’s this TheatreSports game called ‘marshmallow bicycle’ where one player has invented a something like a marshmallow bicycle, or a brick kite, or wax underwear. Or industrial theatre?


busy busy day


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  1. Soné Theron

    Hi there!

    I’m a drama student from TUT. I’m doing a project on industrial and comunity theatre in SA, The past, present and futre of it. Do you have a company? How long have you been at it? What exacty is it? Is there a way I can contact you? Could you perhaps reply to the above e-mail? Any help will be appreciated! Thanx

  2. Jenine Groenewald

    i happen tfind your site because i am doing the same assignment as Sone (above). I would like to hear from you, because as you say it is difficult to define industrial theatre and we were thrown in the deep end, none of us know what to write either!
    Thank you

  3. megan

    Hi jenine
    Did you read my page about industrial theatre? It might be helpful.

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