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The Deep Red (over)Sea(s)

Once again I must resort to the art of shameless self-promotion. You see, my one-person prose poem for performance, The Deep Red Sea, has been chosen for an American SWAN Day (Supporting Women Artists Now) readings showcase in in Washington DC that will take place on 31 March. It was chosen from 53 submissions and it will now get a professional director and performer working on it, and I am so chuffed.

I’ve had a hard time for a while, coming to grips with how hard it is for me (and my fellow South African theatre makers – those damn words again) to get our work up and running, and supported, and funded, and attended, and recognised at home. I must confess that I have been hanging on, waiting to hear about whether a project of mine has been accepted for something here, and I have gone through the five emotions of grief and loss and still not heard, so when good news and recognition comes from outside the country it has a double lovely flavour to it.

Obviously I won’t be able to go to Washington DC to see my play being staged. I’ll be doing some other less glamorous thing to bring in a few shekels. But it’s really nice to know that it’s happening.


Dangerous, delicious Alexander Bar




  1. Beilla Gans

    Wow! Let us have more details. I am going to Washington about that time – Maybe I’ll be able to go and see it! Tante B

  2. megan

    How excellent. I will keep you posted!

  3. Oh how fab! Those SWAN Day readings are always done beautifully, and it’s a fascinating experience when your words wend their way around the world.

  4. megan

    Great news Karen. Have you been to them?

  5. shirley kirchmann

    Well done lady.

  6. Simon Cooper

    Megan did this piece at Kalk Bay Theatre some time ago on a Sunday evening [accompanied by the music of Sigrun Pasche and the paintings of Vaun Cornell] – I went to see it and it is a quality piece and it deserves this recognition, as done Megan. I will be happy, as a South African involved in theatre, to be represented by The Deep Red Sea at SWAN. Hail to the Chief [or should that be Lady Chief ?]

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