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the good news

I wasn’t the only one who got GATVOL. (And nor were you either Saint.) Big Friendly’s sister phoned the courier company to close the huge account that her business has with them. And guess what? All of a sudden the police were called in. And all of a sudden Big Friendly’s phone was found. A driver had stolen it. So we are waiting for the delivery of the phone. Amazing what a little well placed threat will do. Now, I’m not saying well done. I would have said that if said courier company had taken their own initiative and tried to sort it out, instead of slapping a few Rands at the problem and hoping it would melt. I’m saying ag sies that a threat of losing an account had to nudge them into action.


the more I think about it…


Obz Cafe Theatre (NOT) and Woman, Man

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  1. The Saint

    To quote General Westmoreland on the policy of winning the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese “when you’ve got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow”.

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