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The moral high ground of Hofmeyr

 steve I am always the last to find out the gutter gossip, but splashed all over the web today is news of Steve Hofmeyr’s affair and his response to the skandal on his blog. Now, let me state at the outset that I am not ignorant or naive and I know that every sort of person falls into the hole of having an affair. I do not condone such behaviour but I am not surprised by the news of it. My own personal beliefs do not include the possibility, but this is not about me. This is about Steve Hofmeyr. Now, we all know that he is no angel and has illegitimate children floating around and he bashed a reporter that year at the KKNK festival, but more recently he has been promoting himself as a quasi-political figure and demanding a return to morality, the defence of women and children victims of crime and abuse, anti-corruption from our leaders, blah blah blah. In fact, I remember him being interviewed on TV as a moral authority on some of these issues. I also remember thinking, "Hold on a minute. Steve? You?"

Well, one point he made in a more rambling explanation was, "…but I don’t expect my enemy to rest before we have been crushed completely. So be it. It’s my enemy’s turn. I’m taking the punch on the chin." I think he is referring to the media here for running with the story of his affair. No apologies, no ‘I have been lying to you the public and to you my wife’ stuff, just a lashing out at ‘his enemy’. Now, Steve, if I was you, I would start saying sorry, and not stop until every tannie and teen, oke and queen who has supported you has heard. You made a big mistake Steve, a hurtful, bad mistake. Not the media, not the girl, not your price of fame, YOU.


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  1. Tante B

    Oh, for the OPPORTUNITY to indignantly and righteously retort “get thee behind me Satan” !

  2. Jason

    I try and I try and I try, but I just cannot respect this man. He makes a spectacle of himself everywhere he goes, and every time I see him, I cringe. Ugh! Just who does he think he is? God’s gift to humankind?

  3. you are just jealous ūüėČ

  4. Jason

    Jealous that my surname isn’t Stoffsteyer? Or jealous that everyone doesn’t think Im an idiot? Haha.

  5. My late granny, a true Jewish Romanian Dalai Lama, if you catch my shtick, used to say “if someone shows you that he is an asshole, why argue?” Hofmeyr’s chanting about ‘enemies’ is the stuff asshollsm is made of.

  6. Joffree

    How come he gets a picture on this BB (Brilliant Blog)xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. megan

    If I find a picture I will put.

  8. Joffree

    Ag, he is blond afterall……and he looks good in the pose.

  9. Jessica

    And you never make mistakes?

  10. Jessica

    And btw he has a billion other fans he wouldn’t be phased if you don’t like him!!!!

  11. Jessica, 10 year affair is not a mistake. It’s a show of character, or lack there of. As my Gran always said, “An empty pot makes the most noise” and in Steve’s case it’s like a truck load of Hart pots falling down a lift shaft.

  12. megan

    I swear, my very last remark on this still nauseating subject is; the idiot called his most recent album… wait for it…Waarmaker. Shame.

  13. Jason

    * LOL *

    For realz Megan? How do you know thats what he’s called it? I thought he’d stop performing for the public after his performance on Noot Vir Noot in the distant past.


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