Lots of you will already know that The Alexander Bar and Cafe (and Upstairs Theatre) is the most fantastic place to have on the list of where to go in CT. It is central, only ever closed on Sundays, quirky and retro comfortable, the staff are awesome, the music eclectic, the furniture excellent and the drinks fabulous. It is also a terrific place to watch theatre. Small enough to be intimate but not compromised by that.

I have directed and performed there before, but doing Drive With Me there now has reminded me how brilliant it is to be a performer there. Nicholas and Edward are the most attentive, caring, active hosts. It also helps that they love theatre. Jono is the best venue manager and a master technician. The tiny space is well kitted out technically, and the stage is a performer’s dream.

It is the kind of place where magical theatre can, and does happen.