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The Regular Visitor

11753291_10152862001211008_4366445429864192582_nIt started a while back. The small furries of the house would get antsy. The dogs would pitter patter down the passage to the open front door, and back, look at me with ‘help us’ eyes, and then start back to the door. The cats would sit on the threshold; Chassie doing that weird jaw shaking accompanied by a guttural growl/meow. The other two pointed in the direction of where I needed to look with their eyes and heads.

A starling had started to visit. He would sit on the broken sensor light above the front door and call to his friend. It was a tight squeeze, and not enough space to build a messy starling nest, but I think he came every day for a week just to check. And then he realised what kind of effect he was having on the more domestic and house bound creatures that live with us. And he started coming back to tease them.

Now he comes for a visit every day, in the late afternoon. He perches even closer, on the security gate. He announces his arrival with a few shouts, warbles and shrill whistles. The animals get incensed. He calls them out to tease them. It’s his entertainment, and without fail they deliver.

I love him. I love his cheek and sass. I love his bravado. I am utterly convinced he has a unique personality. And, when I suffer life’s mundane disillusions he cheers me up (at the expense of dogs and cats, who hate him a lot).


Black love is not White hate


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  1. sandi

    hope a cat doesn’t get him!

  2. They are too fat and slow, and scared.

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