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The Start of Something truly Special

I am off today, with Jaci de Villiers, the most fabulous director of Noah, to help her and be around as she holds the very first round of auditions. This is too exciting. it has been years in the planning, wishing and dreaming, and finally it is real.  Watch this space.


Flippin’ Amazing Pictures of You


What are They Thinking?


  1. Hipucha Nimucha, may this be the beginning of the most amazing journey. The bard said: “As in a theatre, the eyes of men, after a well-graced actor leaves the stage, are idly bent on him that enters next.” Onwards!

  2. Go for it! Can’t wait to see the fruition of the dream!

    I schmaak the new layout of the blog, too. It rocks!

    And shot for making me blush on air today…but also for all your awesome comments. We are taking them all in, assessing the beeg picture, fiddling here and there, and seeing the journey continue. What a jol it is so far though…

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