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The Tent is opening

There is no denying it. I feel fear. I have been denying it; and it manifested this weekend in a spot of flu. Yesterday I was grumpy and on edge and I even shouted at the cast! I spent a lot of time huffing and puffing, and whining. Pathetic.

I have begged for patience from the theatre gods this morning. I’m going to need it. Today we plot lights. A cast of eight, spending time doing nothing except be there for the lights to be ‘made’.

In two days time we have our first audience. Just writing that down makes it hard for me to breathe. The shift from ‘showcase’ to full production, with a two week run, and crits and important people, and how it will be received, is constantly on my mind.

I am going to stop writing now. I’m sweating too much!


The sleep deprivation energy


The Tent


  1. Ugli Bob

    Just breathe. (wasn’t that always kak advice – of course we breathe damnit!) It’s gonna rock!

  2. The Saint

    Ugli Bob is right – it will bowl us over.

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