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The Tent; out of the woods but not lying in a chair next to the fire, reading a book, yet.

So last night was our first audience, with our first preview. It was totally nerve wracking and we were all a leetle anxious. Naturally, the rhythm was a bit out of whack; some things were too slow and others were too fast. There are a few front of house issues that we need to work on, and the non arrival of bookings was a bit misleading. But, on the whole, even if I say so myself, it went off pretty smoothly. I am so glad we get another chance to find the rhythm tonight, before we open tomorrow.

This play has totally taken over my mind. I dreamed last night that I was married to one of the cast!

Next week will be hilarious. I have to get on with my life! At least there is still the weekend for me to be completely obsessed.



The Tent


Almost properly Up

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  1. Beilla Gans

    I am having vicarious heart palpitations and the sweats for you – hang in there. Faint heart never won fair lady or whatever…… Tante B

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