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The Theatre Club! Hey? Hey?

Graham Weir was invited to speak at the Theatre Club at their Sunday lunch and he asked me to accompany him. What a strange, wonderful, weird, interesting time. We went off to the Tafelberg, what used to be known as The German Club, for the event. I have been there before, once for some jazz (not my favourite) and once for a Balkanology party. Sunday lunch was definitely the strangest. The place is weird enough, with a bar where people still smoke inside and funny separate rooms, one with a huge screen TV for sport stuff.

Mostly old, mostly white theatre lovers (about 30 in all) gathered for lunch, wine and a speech. I loved it. I sat at a table with the hugely entertaining, warm, hilarious and totally unstoppable Molly Seftel. Then there was Sue Williamson(?forgive if wrong), a patron of Cape Town theatre and amazing woman, who told me the most fascinating things, from her whippets to Chris Pretorius’ productions at the Glass theatre, to her late husband being the donor of the seagull used at the Little theatre for productions of The Seagull, to Siberia, to Marthinus’s production of Die Storm. Amazing. Eye opening.

Graham entertained after the buffet lunch and before the ice-cream and fruit kebabs. I tolde them about TheatreSports. John Caviggia, the host/organiser/main cheese was fantastic. He ran around organising and singing praises and being glamorous and delightful. We also got into a heated discussion going about The Merchant of Venice, which will be next year’s Maynardville production. It was a delight. I loved it. Thanks John. And thanks for the gift of whiskey tumblers with the Theatre Club logo.


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    Askies. Her name is Sue Robertson.

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