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The Usual – holidays and racism in Cape Town

imagesI so do not want to write this post, but it is sitting in my throat like a lump of coal, suffocating me, and blocking my rage and disgust. This time it was the racist incident at Clarke’s Bar and Dining Room that sparked it off, but it is important (I believe) not to single them out, but add them to the list of restaurants, hotels, b&bs, and other places of leisure that are either subtly or blatantly racist. A coloured friend told me about a horrible racist incident that she and her family suffered at Shimmy Beach Club last season. I read about another POC complain about being kicked out by the bouncers there this year. The stories are many, and endless. I have seen the look of relief on faces when I, a white person, join black friends at a table in a restaurant in Sea Point. It is embarrassing.

Cape Town is always accused of being a racist, divided city. And, it is way past time to suck it up and admit the truth of it. I know there are huge efforts, by people who care and take this kind of thing personally, to try and make this less so. It is a deep and thankless challenge, with the opposite of help from the DA entrenched City of Cape Town, who believe they have the mandate to be on the side of big business and big (white) money. We only need to look at the Sea Point councillor who had no actual idea that she was being what she was being until she publicised it; a clueless, cruel, ignorant, racist person with power.

But here is what I don’t understand at all. Why are these restaurants, b&bs, clubs and hotels not working the other way around, from the beginning, to change who and what they are? Why are they not all actively encouraging a coloured and black clientele from the outset? Why are they not actively giving support to those who experience racism from their white clients? Why aren’t they spelling it out on their billboards and websites and in their press releases that they will not tolerate racist attitudes towards staff, other customers and even passers by?  Why are they not shouting it from their rooftops that they are a safe haven for all the colours of Cape Town to enjoy?

It is too late once the incident has happened. It is over for Clarke’s whose pissy and weak attempt at a meeting with those who were horribly insulted is a total band-aid response to bad publicity. Unless Clarke’s does a complete overhaul of their attitude they will be able to get away with being a white only restaurant where POC never feel comfortable. And here’s the other bit of coal stuck in my throat. I am not convinced they (and others) don’t want it this way. They want to serve a predominantly white clientele. They want their white customers to feel comfortable and safe and at home, more than they want their coloured customers to. And it is disgusting, and unacceptable and they must be boycotted loudly. I am adding them to the list of places that need to be named and shamed.

But, I do not want to. I do not want to be the racist police. I do not want this.


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  1. Gerald

    I experienced a very racist incident today 14 September 2017 at 14h00.A lady by the name of Kim Kelfkens who resides at 227 7th Street Voelklip,Hermanus 7200 and her cell number 0721866986 made a call to our business and I answered and she requested for two individuals(white) who were not available.She then asked if there was anyone at all.I asked her what she meant as she was speaking to a human being and she asked who I was I told her I was the financial manager..I gave her the assistance she required.This is not the South Africa we wish for.

  2. How utterly devastating. And so typical. I am ashamed on her behalf.

  3. Hemesh Dayal

    I am on holiday in Cape Town in December 2018 and I am disgusted by the way the Whites treat people of colour. They are racist in Cape Town. I am South African of Indian origin however it’s sick to think that we have to subject to such treatment. I had been set on relocating to Cape Town from Durban however my perception has changed. The Whites have no tolerance for people of colour nor is there any respect for the fact that you are human.
    I am angered and sad by my experience after visiting Cape Town 3 times this year and on this visit I had to experience such sick behavior.
    Who the F..k do they think they are? Does your skin make you superior in any way?
    This county is never going to change and I share the same anger of the previously disadvantaged brothers of this country.
    Dear Cape Town, thank you for showing me your true colours.

  4. Another year later, no change. Sad and disgusting.

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