There has been something that has kept me giggling for 3 weeks. I haven’t been talking about it much because I have been preoccupied with Niqabi Ninja which is pretty harrowing stuff. Sexual harassment revenge stories are not for sissies. Now that Niqabi Ninja has opened, I want to tell you about why I have spent most afternoons these last 3 weeks giggling, laughing and guffawing my head off.

Nicola Date asked me to help her with her one woman piece The Worst Auditioner In The World. She did a trial run of it at The Masque earlier in the year, and next week on 28, 29 and 30 July she has a 3 performance showcase at Cape Town’s (and my) favourite small, experimental theatre, The Alexander Bar. Go here to book.

Nicola has written a hilarious little script, all based on her true experiences at auditions and castings. I know they are true because similar ones have happened to me. There is the casting for a cave person, the outrageous imaginary eating, swimming, sleeping, walking, dancing when something crazy happens, the implausible, unreasonable, the totally unimprovisable. There are the questions, the retakes, the hopes lifted and dashed. And our worst auditioner keeps trying; tail up, smile fixed, brain quietly doing somersaults at the things asked of it.

What fun laughs it has been playing with Nicola as we stifle our laughs and force ourselves to be serious while we work. Every time we see each other we add another silly thing which keeps us amused. Please come and look at this thing. And laugh with us.