The Fleur du Cap awards are the funniest things. I love the occasion, with everyone all dressed up, and all the pretty drinks and theatre sexiness and air kisses. I love Artscape as a fdc venue. It is just the right balance of totally over the top excess and kitch, and tacky theatre threadbare. Love it.

I love all the mixed emotions and happinesses and joys and even the disappointments and disagreements in opinion and results. “How could they have?” is replaced by “Now he deserves it” in the very next award. Personal favourites are rooted for in spite of the public trend. Some awards are surprises; coming totally out of the blue, and others are the ‘same old same old’ predictable.

I love the acceptance speeches, covering the whole emotional spectrum from political outburst to smothering supplication. I love Alan Committie. He is the best emcee.

I love that theatre is given this one night to indulge in the wild dream that it is valid, glamorous, successful and meaningful.

Well done and bravo to all those who were nominated, and all those who won, especially those of you I know, love and am proud of. You know who you are.